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Pacers Lose in Overtime Against Magic

Posted by Pacers Boy On November - 21 - 2008

The Pacers started the game against Orlando with pressure and Granger caused a turnover, followed by a surprisingly nice pass. Tempo is up and play is good on both sides, but Orlando is a good team. We were up by 8, but they kept hitting open long shots and stole the lead. The combination of Dwight Howard and Orlando hitting threes led to a struggle for the Pacers defensively. First quarter ended 34 to 28 with a nice shot and extra point from Foster with help from Jack. It was mentioned that Foster said this was as good a group that he’s been with in 10 years on the radio today.

Anthony Johnson popped up in the 2nd quarter - AJ is still alive? We played up-tempo and got to a 10 point lead, but Dwight Howard was just killing us and eliminated that nice lead. Murphy came back with a three pointer anda three point play. Withtwo minutes left in the second quarter, Ford got the ball and Quinn said that Howard was challenging Ford by saying, “Shoot it! Shoot it!” Well, T.J. took it up against the much bigger Dwight and got the two foul shots. Both Dwight and T.J. were laughing, it was a pretty funny moment narrated by Buckner. Your Indiana Pacers ended the first half up 54-50. The Pacers didn’t take many threes this half with only 3 for 7, but the Magic shot 15 and only made 6. We shot and made twice as many free throws as Orlando, with11 points versus their four, which could be one reason to explain the slight lead at the half. Indiana also had 9 second chance points and Orlando had zero, 6 blocks versus their 2, 22 paint points and rebounds versus their 18 and of course Granger, Rasho, Murphy, Ford, Daniels and others could also help explain it. Our combination of players are playing good tonight and disrupting Howard’s rhythm, but the Magic are playing good overall as well. The stats look like a nice lead, but the lead is not big enough. Could be a close one… defense will be the key.

Halftime featured some scantily dressed chick putting herself in crazy positions and shooting an arrow with her feet while standing on her hands . . . and Pacers fans sitting right behind the target. She must have some good liability insurance. Murphy got Rashard Lewis to pick up his fourth foul early in the third which is good because he had five points in the first three minutes, with five in the first half for 10 total. Quinn is saying that the shot by Foster near the end of the third for three, which he missed, and the shot last game he made at the buzzer of the end of the first were both planned. O’Brien really is writing up plays for Jeff to take the three like he seemingly jokingly said after last game. Daniels hits a big three with 30 seconds left to make it more surprising, with the Pacers up 75 to 68. Foster got some foul shots anda tip in at the last second to give the Pacers a seven point lead into the fourth - 77 to 70.

Ford stepped it up in the fourth with some great effort on both sides and 19 points so far. The Pacers lead by a close six with six minutes left. What seemed like six seconds later, the lead is down to one with five minutes to play. Granger follows with a tough shot and reminds me the team has been shooting well all night. A sweet steal by Ford was followed up by a quick drive to the basket, alleyoop to Marquis, and a Daniels dunk to bring the Pacers up 87 to 85 with a little over three minutes left. Ironically, the Pacers Text Question is “Who is the Player of the Game: T.J. Ford or Marquis Daniels?” T.J. Ford gets a rebound with one minute left and drives for a nice shot in the lane to answer that question and tie the game 91 to 91. It is a close one. The game is tied and Granger gets a huge rebound with six seconds left to try and win the game after the timeout. T.J. talked a bunch to Granger before the last play, passed it to Rasho for a nice layup, but Dwight Howard blocks the shot to go into the first overtime of the season for either team - 91 to 91. Going into overtime some are probably wondering why Granger or Daniels weren’t picked to go inside to win the game, or why Rasho pulled a Reggie and didn’t dunk it.

Daniels forces a goaltend to begin overtime with a lead. Rasho has a nice block, but the ball got stagnant and Daniels missed and Dwight made his 24th point. Granger hits a huge three, but Lewis answers with the same. Marquis misses the shot, but gets the rebound to tie the game at 98 to 98 with less than two minutes left. A couple misses by both teams, and a little slop from the Pacers, results in a time out with a minute left and still tied. Did I say this was going to be a close one? Murphy drives in but Lewis bounces it off the backboard and Orlando has the ball with 33 seconds left, tied game, and another timeout. Granger missed out and Rashard Lewis took the lead up to 100 to 98 with 11 seconds left. Oh noes! Probably the last time out is called by the Pacers to try and win this hard fought game. T.J. drives in and picks up the foul against Nelson to bring the clock down to nine seconds. T.J. takes the final shot and it doesn’t fall in. Magic win 100 to 98. Howard had 24, Lewis had 23 and Nelson had 22. Who cares about the final stats. The Pacers fought hard, played well until the end, it was a tough game for both teams, and a very painful loss for the Pacers.

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