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Pacers May Freeze in Conseco Against Hawks

Posted by Pacers Boy On November - 17 - 2008

The Pacers may freeze not because of their playing, but our inside sources say there is no heat in Conseco Fieldhouse. A piece of equipment broke today that cools down the steam supplied by IPL to heat Conseco. It must be plugged up or something, as it is almost 10 years old, because they turned on the heat and after a while noticed there wasn’t any heat for the Pacers! Maybe it will be like playing back in the ABA at Pepsi Coliseum.

Now take this with a grain of salt, but they don’t think the heat will be working by tomorrow. The Indiana Pacers did have a early Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless today and it didn’t look very cold, so we’ll see. But, if it is 40 degrees in Conseco, what else besides leg warmers is Danny Granger going to be wearing?

Moon boots?

Troy Murphy Spray Tan License is Real

Posted by Pacers Boy On November - 8 - 2008

After the comments during the Cleveland game by Chris and Quinn, and some discussion on the internet, we thought we would clear up the fact that Troy Murphy is indeed licensed in spray tanning. He even admits to wearing a lot of pants this summer during his training. He took a six week course in two days and said, “I didn’t do any of the lessons.” If any of you Pacers fans need a tan, Troy offered that he is up for anyone who is interested.

Travis Diener Foul: Acting 101 from Amare Stoudemire

Posted by Pacers Boy On November - 6 - 2008

Sure, the dunk from Stoudemire is nice, but look at the crazy call from the refs after Travis Diener barely touches Amare and he jumps in the air and crashes on the court. “Acting 101,” as Chris Denari said. We posted this to YouTube last night and it already has over 2,000 views and 15 comments. It seems they like the Stoudemire dunk on Foster better than the crazy foul . . . shouldn’t have included that dunk.

Granger’s XMas Present Coming Early This Year

Posted by Pacers Boy On November - 3 - 2008

While at the game, I shuddered when Paul Pierce fell on Danny’s head as he was lying on his stomach, causing his face to be smashed into the court. I gasped out loud at the sight of it. When he got up, I saw a glimpse of a black spot on his teeth and said to the wifey, “I think he may have lost a tooth!” Little did I know that he lost two teeth and they were shattered in little tiny pieces, leaving a toothless and somewhat fanged Danny (Dracula) Granger running to the locker room.

Right after the TV timeout he was back helping to beat the snot out of the defending world champions. With such a great and hard fought game, and Granger just signing a 5 year extension, it was really nice to see Granger give that extra effort . . . and give those teeth for the win! I think it was Jarret Jack who said afterwards in the locker room that the first thing he thought of was that song “All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth.” Danny’s Christmas will be a little early this year.

Kravitz Misses 6 Shots in a Row at Pacers FanJam

Posted by Pacers Boy On October - 27 - 2008

Check out Bob Kravitz competing with others to go against the two best Pacers from the second round of Knockout. He’s the second, and shortest, to shoot. We count down as he misses not one, not two, but SIX shots in a row! That’s right sports fans. Get a load of this sports expert . . .

NBA Indiana Pacers Widget a Little Out of Date

Posted by Pacers Boy On October - 22 - 2008

This was surprising to see considering how hard the Pacers have worked to remove any glimpse of Jamaal Tinsley. I added this Pacers NBA widget to my iGoogle homepage, and after looking at the players and stats, I was less than enthused.

Pacemates Highlights

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