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Pacers vs Mavericks Game Notes

Posted by Pacers Boy On October - 24 - 2008

With all the talk about mavericks during this political season, it was good to watch good ole’ basketball instead of politics with the Pacers and Mavericks. Although Dallas played the majority of their all-stars, and Rick Carlisle tried his hardest while sitting on the bench, the Pacers ended up killing them with a score of 114-91.

Thannks to technology and the questionable legality of, we were able to watch the game - although it wasn’t even close to HD or SD or even TV. But it was way better than trying to get AM to work in the basement. So instead of a full report on the game, here are some random thoughts:

  • Jarrett Jack had 12 points in the first half off the bench. He’s not as fast as T.J., but that is some great scoring from the bench. However, he ended up with 12 points, three rebounds, four assists and one turnover.
  • Pacers had a great number of fast break points and threes in the first half.
  • Marquis looked good most of the game. The announcer said “Daniels is sneaky inside” . . . I like that analogy.
  • Murphy started out the second half losing the ball, and then throwing it to Dallas, but ended up with nine points (4-8), nine rebounds and four turnovers.
  • The Dallas channel has way better music than Fox Indiana. They played “The Temples of Syrinx” from Rush’s song and album 2112 during an segway to commercial. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • The Indiana Pacers player that fans may be taking for granted the most is Rasho Nesterovic. Maybe it’s because they can’t pronounce his name, but the guy is a veteran and can play. Rasho was 7 for 13 scoring 14 points, nine rebounds and two assists.
  • Danny Granger ended up making a lot of points in the second half. Maybe Spidey blew the preseason cobwebs off of the Batman. He ended up 5-16 on two’s and 2-6 with threes, with a total of 24 points. With Mike’s knee, let’s hope that Granger turns back to normal during the regular season.
  • TJ Ford collided with the Dallas fans sitting on the court side while going for a ball out of bounds with 30 seconds left and up 23 points . . . during a preseason game. That is some effort. Ford also had 19 points, nine assists and seven rebounds!  This guy is more important than anyone thought, and they are already saying he will have triple-doubles this season. Just don’t let him get hurt.

It’s time for the real deal - the regular season. We’ve seen some good play, some great play, and some not-so-good play. Beginning next week, it really matters. The suspense is worse than any Bob Barker suspense tactic ever televised.

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