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Diener Will Return as Pacer Next Season

Posted by Pacers Boy On June - 22 - 2009

For the money, he can’t be beat. Travis probably wouldn’t like the nickname, but I like to think of him as “mini-Foster.” He is solid, aggressive and always tries harder than guys twice as big.

The Indianapolis Star reported today that Travis will thankfully return next season.

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Travis Diener Foul: Acting 101 from Amare Stoudemire

Posted by Pacers Boy On November - 6 - 2008

Sure, the dunk from Stoudemire is nice, but look at the crazy call from the refs after Travis Diener barely touches Amare and he jumps in the air and crashes on the court. “Acting 101,” as Chris Denari said. We posted this to YouTube last night and it already has over 2,000 views and 15 comments. It seems they like the Stoudemire dunk on Foster better than the crazy foul . . . shouldn’t have included that dunk.

Pacemates Highlights

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Pacers vs Sixers

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Pacers vs Nets

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